Meaningful Summer Vacation in UAE

Time flies so fast and it’s already the 6th day of August. Exactly 24 days from today, I will be starting to work again, which I have been looking forward to doing as I have been on working hiatus since April since I got laid off. On the contrary, it was still a blessing in disguise because I have been hired by a better and more stable company.

However, due to unlikely circumstances that transpired on that momentous 17th day of April, I could not go back to the Philippines nor have a vacation in another country, so I spent the whole summertime in the realms of UAE. Although my old friends were enjoying the sumer holidays vacationing somewhere else, I did the opposite.

Aside from working part-time to sustain my living while looking and waiting for a new job opportunity to come, I spent my summer vacation in the UAE in a truly meaningful way by doing some activities that benefits me, other people and the planet Earth.

  1. Joining a summer workshop. Thanks to my school- Fujairah Fine Arts Academy, I was able to impart my knowledge in the violin by teaching those kids who participated in the workshop. It was fun, fullfiling and most of all, I felt like I was a teacher again.

2. Performing with the Student Arabic Takht. Every Friday of the summer workshop which was organized by my school, there was a culminating activity in which the participants were rewarded and entertained. Being part of the student orchestra, I got the opportunity to perform with other musicians and be exposed to performing in front of the crowd. This has been a good experience for me because I always have a stage fright, but slowly, I have been able to fight the butterflies in my stomach.

3. Socializing and making new friends. Surrounding yourself with positive people attracts positive energy. Since I have been around with the FFAA people, everything in my life becomes positive. I finally got a job offer, travel heretherto, and meeting genuine people who have the same interest as mine and helped me grow with my music and arts.

4. Spending a day at the beach. A summer is not a summer without a day at the beach. Thanks to my school, I was able to spend some leisure time at the beautiful resort of Hilton Al Hamra and my summer vacation was complete.

5. Showcasing my artistic side and raising awareness about the wildlife. Through my school, I was able to join the art exhibit at Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Center which was organized by the Environment and Protected Areas Authority. My artwork was a trophy head of the critically endangered Arabian Leopard which was a paper mache of old newspapers with a painting of an animal hunter in the foreground. My message in the artwork was simple- stop animal hunting and conserve the wild.

6. Cleaning the Beach and Saving the Planet. In my last post “Destroy the Mankind or Save the Planet,” I told how I began this advocacy. I intend to continue doing this even if I have work already, though maybe will not be on a daily basis, but at least on the weekend, because I love the beach and I take care of what I love. Additionally, I’m already attracting people and they are inspired of what I am doing which is clearly my intention- motivate others to care for the nature.

In conclusion, a meaningful summer is not just about having a vacation grande ala soul searching mode, but it is about doing something that is beneficial to others, to the planet and to making ourself a better person.

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