Destroy Mankind or Save the Planet?

If you have the power to either destroy mankind or save the planet, what would you do?

This question has been bugging me while I was contemplating my thoughts this morning at the seaside. We are in the time in which the majority of the people are struggling for popularity and power. The world leaders, the celebrities, the high-profiles and even the commoners are joining the battle of supremacy in all forms, which is slowly destroying mankind and humanity, but only few are concerned about what is happening on our planet, which is already in the state of destruction.

Every morning, I walk on the beach to get my daily dose of vitamin D and a bit of exercise. Also, this is the moment that I appreciate the Fujairah Corniche at most because it is so serene and pleasing to the eyes. However, seeing a pile of trash on the beach is totally annoying. While the government of Fujairah is exerting efforts to keep its coastline clean, being a responsible citizen is a different one. On the beach side where I always walk, the trash bin is just a few steps away, and yet there are those people who are still littering at the beach.

One morning, I saw a pile of empty food containers, plastic cups, water bottles and canned drinks- an obvious evidence that someone had a picnic at the beach last night. Out of concern that these might be washed away from the shore due to high tide, I picked them up and threw in the nearby trash bin. Since then, every morning that I go to the beach, I pick up the empty bottles and other trashes and throw properly in the trash bins.

Click the image to see the video on my Instagram

So going back to my question above, I realized that I have the power to destroy mankind by littering on the beach that will pollute the salt water where the sea creatures that we eat are living and people are swimming during the hot summer days. I could have joined the bandwagon of destroying mankind and humanity, but I opted out because I chose to make a difference and save the planet by doing simple things such as cleaning the beach during my daily walk in the morning. It maybe a small action, but I hope that those people who are seeing me picking up the litters on the beach will be inspired to do the same and be more responsible with their trash.

P.S. I can’t post the videos here since I’m on a personal wordpress plan, but you can check it out on my Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook stories.

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