Arts and Life Lessons: Perspective

March 30, 2019, finally I have attended my first ever formal education in painting, which has been a childhood dream-turned-reality after 14 years. Arts have always been my first love since time immemorial and I feel so blessed to have this rare opportunity to pursue my interests and hone my talents.

Anyway, today’s painting lesson was about perspective. My teacher showed me the different surfaces of an object if I looked at it at different angles. She taught me the two-point perspective that has two vanishing points on the sides and demonstrated how to draw a box on an eye level, top angle and bottom angle. It was such a fruitful day for me because I learned a new technique that I could use to improve my drawing skills.

On the other hand, applying this lesson in our daily life in general, having different perspectives will give us a better understanding of what is happening around us. If we are only looking at one side, we will only see what’s being offered on that side that we are looking, thus limiting our point of view and restricting our chances to grow, but if we are going to explore and look at the different angles of life, we will be able to appreciate that life has a lot of opportunities to offer, we just have to open our eyes and have different perspectives.

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