10-Year Challenge: How Did Aging Hit Me

Last January, the social media was hit by the so-called #10YearChallenge in which almost everyone (on my friend’s list), dug their their “social media” trunk and shared their picture from ten years ago side by side with their latest picture at that time the challenge was a craze. Hence, it was another proof how powerful social media when it came to inflluencing the mind of its users about what was hot and what was not.

I was tempted to join the bandwagon, but I had second thoughts because I already did it in 2016, when I officially turned 30 (see my Instagram post below), so I told myself that I would only share my ten-year ago self if there would be a significant milestone in my life this year.

Two months after the challenge hit the social media by storm, I decided to do the 10-Year Challenge because apparaently, my life has reached another milestone:

How did aging hit me? From joining the Empress of Talk 2009 to joining the INC Original Music Writing Competition 2019

From entertainment writing to songwriting

In 2009, I was an entertainment writer in ABS-CBN. As one of the writers of the now defunct entertainment news program, Showbiz News Ngayon (SNN), I was told to join the “Empress of Talk 2009” a beauty contest held during our Christmas Party in the Talk Unit, in which I won fourth runner up. Fast forward to 2019, the CFO officers from our locale encouraged me to join the INC Original Music Writing Competition. I submitted the poem that I wrote in 2017 and Bro. Romeo did the musical arrangements. Last night, it was performed by Sis. Edelvine on the album launching and awarding ceremony. I did not win, but I was given a participation recognition. I was glad as it was a good experience for me because of the opportunity to share my talents.

With hardwork, perseverance and God’s help, one day, my star will shine so bright and I will no longer be that girl who cried so hard the other night because of a brokenheart.

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