Break A Leg

“Break a leg” – a phrase used in theater to wish the performers good luck. A phrase that I haven’t used for more than a decade, until last Saturday, February 2. For the first time in my life, I performed not only in a musical concert, but also in front of a crown prince.

When I first learned that I will be part of the concert, I felt mixed emotions- excited, nervous, stressed and the desire to prove something, not to the people who put down, but to myself. I wanted to prove that I could play the violin despite the fact that I began studying it at the age of 32.

Looking back, before I enrolled in the violin class, a colleague, who had studied violin in her preschool years, told me that it would take me a long time before I could learn to play the instrument and that it was the most difficult instrument to learn in the whole world. I told her that I could learn it easily because I could read notes and have studied piano before. She did not believe me and wished me good luck in a very sarcastic way. Moving forward, three months after I enrolled in the violin class, I had my first ever violin performance in a musical concert and in front of a royal family. The students, who have been studying violin longer than me, asked me how could I learned so fast and how could I even play better than them. I just told them that aside from having a strong background in music theory, I always wanted to play the violin and it was my determination that made me a prolific violin student.

However, before the concert, some people have criticised me- questioning my ability to play the instrument. I was down at first, but with God’s grace, pervent prayers of my family and continuous practice, I played well during the performance. My violin teacher, as well as the other teachers, have commended my performance, and the irony of it, the ones who criticized me told me that I did well and looking forward to seeing me perform in the future concerts.

I am sharing my story not because I want to brag my talents, but because I want to inspire my readers that nothing is impossible for one who believes and that nothing can stop a person who is determined to learn and achieve his/ her dreams.

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