How a smile can brighten up a dark day

When I went to KFC this afternoon, I was having a bad mood because a colleague has insulted me, calling me as someone with a thick face and accusing me of begging food to our friends during lunch breaks. Well first of all, maybe, I am not cooking my own food, but I always bring my own meals which I gladly share with anyone. Secondly, they are sharing their food, so I’m only taking what they have shared. Therefore, I don’t really understand the hostility that she showed to me for not being able to bring my own meal today and I have just thought of asking it from my friends (since we share rice anyway). I really felt bad about her hostility and I felt ashamed to join the group for lunch, so I went to KFC instead, which was quite near to my place of work.

In the KFC, I knew that my face looked dark and I was not smiling, but Kumar, the cashier who took and served my order, has displayed a great energy at work and smiling to all the customers despite the fact that it was such a busy day.

When I told him to change my drink, he did not complain and he even asked me, while smiling, if I wanted it with more ice. When he served the food, he was still smiling at me, so I thanked him and smiled back, and then my gloomy mood has changed. As I was eating, I realized how a smile could change everything and that people should smile more often because it has a positive effect on others.

A smile can lighten someone’s heavy day. It is like a sunshine after the rain. It’s effect is like a domino that when someone sees it, it will be hard not to smile back. It gives hope and tells us not to give up. A big grin cheers up a frowning face and and a beautiful smile heals a broken heart. So always put a curve on your lips because your smile can save someone else’s life.

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