Hard Work, Patience, Loyalty

Surprises come unexpectedly, so being the “Employee of the Year Awardee” is something that I have not hoped for, but very thankful for the recognition because it means that my efforts, patience, and loyalty have been appreciated by the companies I am currently working. It is one of the best days of my life and a milestone in my career. In my 11 years of professional life, it is my first time to get the Employee of the Year Award, thus I feel truly blessed and thankful for it.

Last year was a stressful one to the point that I almost resigned from my position, but thankfully, God has given me the strength to surpass all the obstacles that were presented to me. However, these challenges thought me that there is no shortcut to success and that I have to exert energy, persevere and dedication in order for me to succeed. I might say that hard work, patience and loyalty truly pay off, and the certificates and gifts I received are the proofs of it.

So from the bottom of the heart, I would like to thank my Global Connection and EQ Softwares family, especially our CEO, Engr. Edris Qurashi for the recognition. The appreciation that I have received is a great motivation for me to focus to achieve great results for a focused mind equates great success.

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