Miss Universe 2018 in the World Full of Hatred

This whole week, my Facebook timeline has been flooded by viral news-both trending in the Philippines and worldwide. The first one was all about the Miss Universe 2018 and the other one was about school bullying. In this first part of my post, I wrote my opinion about the recently concluded prestigious beauty pageant. My thoughts about school bullying would be featured on my next blog.

While the whole Philippines and the Filipino communities around the world have cheered when Steve Harvey announced that the Miss Universe 2018 was Miss Philippines, it was a saddening truth that despite her win, still, bashers were just around the corners, spreading hatred and criticizing Miss Catriona Gray’s answer in the Q&A and her nationality.

Just a little background, Catriona is of a Filipino-Scottish decent, born and raised in Australia, but moved to the Philippines after finishing high school, did modeling and philanthropic acts, represent the Philippines in the esteemed beauty contest and eventually became the fourth Miss Universe titleholder in the country. Because of the fact that she is a half-blood, some critics on the Internet have commented that she is not “Filipino enough,” that she represents the Western’s beauty standards, and that she has romanticized poverty in her award-winning answer in the Top 3 Q&A, and so on and so forth.

In my opinion, whether a woman is a half-blood or a pure-blood, white, black, brown, red or yellow skin, she can be a beauty queen for as long as she embodies a selfless attitude and represents well the cause of the beauty title she is holding. Miss Catriona Gray is a beautiful person inside-outside. She has done community services and outreach programs even before she won the Miss Universe 2018 crown. So whether she is a Filipino, a Scottish or Australian, she deserved the title for she has worked hard for it.

Additionally, her final answer in the Miss Universe 2018 has just proved that we are all trapped in the world full of hatred because, despite the fact that her answer is beautiful and sincere, negative people have their ways to foster pessimism by commenting that she has romanticized poverty for the sake of winning the crown. For me, there is nothing wrong in her answer, she has just looked at poverty on a different perspective, in fact, she communicated well the true Filipino spirit- and that is being able to find the good things and still be happy amidst any bad situation.

Bottom line, instead of criticizing her nationality and her final answer, we should join her advocacy in spreading love, seeing the beauty in every situation and be grateful for we are still alive.

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