Silence is the Best Revenge





Maintain silence, when fake friends berate you behind your back.

Maintain silence, when people gossip about you.

Maintain silence, when colleagues only hear their own voice.

Maintain silence, when a person shouts at you.

Maintain silence because “there is dignity in silence;” because it is not all the time, people are worthy of your voice. So let them say what they want and maintain your dignity. Your integrity is more worthy than their stupid acts.

Being silent does not always mean that you are wrong, it only means that you are smart enough to choose your battles, which are worth fighting for. It only means that you are educated enough not to stoop to their level, that you are well mannered to let it pass.

People will criticize you no matter how good you have been to them. Fake friends will do everything just to see you down. Some people will always oppose you just to prove that they are better than you.

So when you meet these people, it is better to shut off because eventually, they will feel guilty because they are wrong, thence silence becomes your best revenge.

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