Relationship 101: Tolerance

If all the people would only practice tolerance, then Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, atheists, and others are coexisting together in peace despite their differences in beliefs.

If only all nations are preserving their own culture and are cheering for other races too, then no one would feel being discriminated against because of color, language, citizenship, ancestry, and nationality.

If only everyone is celebrating his/her own individuality and accepting that each human is unique but equal, then there would be no hate, no fightings, and no misunderstandings. The world would be filled with love, peace, and harmony, if only…


What does this word mean to you?

For me, tolerance is more than just a freedom from bigotry, but it is more of recognizing and accepting that each individual is equal and a human too, regardless of the differences in appearance, culture, religion, belief, social status, etc.

November 16 is declared as the International Day of Tolerance by the United Nations to promote mutual understanding among cultures and human beings. Today, as the whole world is celebrating the International Day for Tolerance, I am joining the cause. I do believe that if all of us would be more tolerant of each other’s differences, we could live in mixed communities free of animosity, extremity, and apathy.

Do your part, stop the hate, be more tolerant, spread kindness and love.

(Image source: United Nations )

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