Enough is Enough

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me because some people have this kind of mindset that making me happy with a lie is better than telling the truth and make me cry. Maybe, I am too shallow for them, thinking that dishonesty is something that I can tolerate, but I guess, they do not know the real me or even do not understand my psyche.

I am an honest person, so I really hate it when people, specially those who are close to me, are not telling me the truth even if it is for my own sake. Maybe, I will be happy for a little while because of a white lie, but a lie is still a lie no matter what color it is. It is better to be sincere than be tricky, and for me, I do not tolerate deceit. Thence, I decided to remove some people in my life who are not true to me all this time. I have enough of lies…

P.S. I am not hurt, I am just disppointed.


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