I choose to be Switzerland

Recently, my Facebook timeline has been flooded with lots of opinions and news of the recent events in my home country- the Philippines. The news was all about the President’s kissing scene with an OFW during his visit in South Korea and the rift between Kris Aquino and Mocha Uson.

The latter event occurred, in defense of the President’s behavior, when Mocha Uson (the assistant secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office) posted a video of Ninoy Aquino (Kris’ father) who was kissing a supporter before his assassination, which resulted to Kris’ fury.

But before anyone fires back on me, I want to declare my neutrality. I’m Switzerland, I bring no harm in this post.

Going back to the issue, most of my Filipino friends (in the Philippines) has taken sides, expressing their opinion, lashing out those who oppose their beliefs. Honestly, it was a sad time for my timeline. At some point, I stopped checking my Facebook because I didn’t want to read nasty opinions from people who have forgotten that they were educated and supposedly, should have been acted like one. There was even a moment when I wanted to vent out my frustrations over the issue, but I opted not to do so, not because I was afraid to be criticized, but because I found it not so important for one reason that it was not a life-death situation. Besides, if I did the same thing as what the others have done, I would have been ended just being like them, going with the flow, following the convention, and joining the legions of opinionated and hypercritical human beings. Therefore, I intended to do the different thing- becoming Switzerland rather than becoming a typical Juan Dela Cruz.

Is not that I don’t care about my country, but the truth is I value my good relationships with people. Maintaining a good relationship is better than taking sides on the issue that has really nothing to do with my well being. Additionally, I found it as something that has just been blown out of proportion. If people would have just been more sensical, there were more important matters that they could focus their attention on other things than taking sides on the endless rift between politicians and celebrities.

The world is already full of selfish and bitter individuals, thence, it’s better to spread peace and love and Toblerone than spread hatred and angst on things, issues and situations that are beyond our control.


  1. Thanks for not turning like them. It is easier to talk about shallow thinks. But don’t loose hope with your country. Philippine itself is not the problem, the people are. Keep spreading that positivity and influence others to think deeper and use there mind and heart not with their mouth.


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