The Hypocrisy of Mankind

I don’t understand why many people these days like to play the role of a critic. I wonder what have they done to think so high of themselves and believe that their opinion is always right, when in fact they don’t have any essential contribution to make this world a better place to live in other than ranting about anything they don’t like.

It is a funny thing to see this kind of hypocrisy of mankind. When a certain person is still alive, haters will say all the nasty things they can think of to this person, yet when this person dies, they will say all the kind words they know as if once, they haven’t found this person abominable. Reading posts about forgiveness, kindness, etc, and uses the scriptures to show righteousness, but act indifferently when it comes to the person they loath is absolutely laughable.

It is a pathetic sight how some educated people act so low when it comes to tackling social, political, economical and personal issues on traditional and social media. I don’t know where are they getting the guts to play the wit, yet the way they talk, act or behave on certain situations shows the opposite.

It is a sad reality seeing people joining forces on the battle for supremacy; thinking that their own kind is the best and thus will do anything to annihilate those who oppose them, but once there’s a dispute between allies, they will kill each other in an instant and tell the world that it is for the common good.

It is so unbelievable how many human beings can act as if they truly care about people with mental health problems when a famous personality has committed suicide because of depression, but they can’t even care to those who are just around them and silently suffering deep inside.

I’m so amazed at how some people can take this kind of hypocrisy, showing compassion and kindness to the unfortunate ones when someone is looking or when the camera is rolling.

I wish that these people would be more real and stop pretending to be someone else they aren’t. I wish that this hypocrisy of mankind would end.

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