The last ceramic plate

Lately, I have been busy being artistic and doing some paintings and sketching. One day, I was asked to do a painting on a ceramic plate as a gift, which I gladly did. I bought three plates for that, one was for the gift, the other two were for leisure. Unfortunately, an unexpected thing happened and the supposedly gift had faded into an artistic oblivion.

Out of frustration, I made another painting on the ceramic plate number two. My grief and sadness turned the plate number 2 into a beautiful, but ‘blue’ monochromatic painting.

It was my favorite, until the painting on ceramic plate number three came.

However, painting on the last plate did not come so easy, unlike the first two. It has gone through a lot of changes in composition in which I have removed the paint a dozen times and wasted a huge amount of paints.

My first plan was to make a big blood moon out of it. But I couldn’t make the proper color combination, so I removed the paint. The first successful painting for the last plate was a black and white spring landscape.

It was good, it reflected my dark mood and heart’s sorrow that time, but I was not satisfied, it was lacking of color (pardon the pun here), so I decided to remove the paint and tried to depict the Aurora Borealis, but that was a painting in vain. I tried to paint a monochromatic landscape again, but this times, I used a tint of red paint.

Again, I was not satisfied for there was no life in the painting, so I removed the paint and leave the plate untouched for four days, thinking of using the plate for eating.

Then yesterday, I felt like I needed to finish the painting it or else it would hunt me for the rest of my life, so I started to paint the big wolf moon, but I made a mistake on the color, so I removed the paint (again). Thus, I decided that I would just paint the moon and a pack of wolves and at the moment that I put the midnight blue paint on the ceramic, I knew that this would be the final painting for the last ceramic plate.

However, I didn’t see any image of wolf while I was looking at the wet painting and waiting for it to dry, I was seeing different images. So I painted the mountains and the river and the stars and I felt contented, relaxed and being transported into a different world.

Today, I did the final touches on the moon and other details and finally my painting on the last ceramic was complete and I felt proud of my artwork, and I knew that this would be the start of fulfilling my childhood dream.

So the moral of this story, reaching your dream is not easy, but it is possible if you keep on trying and do not underestimate your God-given capabilities. “…All things are possible to him who believes.”- Mark 9:23 NKJV

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