A love letter in the tune of Backstreet Boys’ songs

Yesterday, May 17, 2018, our favorite boys have officially released their new single “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” (click the link to watch the official music video), so I wrote a love letter using the famous lines from their songs.

Dear _____,

I don’t wanna waste another day, keeping it inside is killing me coz all I ever wanted comes right down to you, to you; I wish that I could find the words to say that I feel so inconsolable right now. I just want you to know that I still care about you. Maybe I have a poor eyesight because all I see is heaven in your eyes and that I feel in heaven when I look in your eyes, I know that you’re the one for me, you’re my ecstasy, you’re the one I need. You know you got the power to make me weak inside. Honestly, I tried to go on like I never knew you, but it was futile because without you all I’m going to be is incomplete.

Until now, I don’t know how did I fall in love with you, so I keep on asking myself, what can I do to make you mine. Maybe I was caught by the taste of your kiss, now I’m climbing the walls coz I miss you, but we are two worlds apart can’t reach to your heart and now I can see that we’re falling apart from the way that it used to be; no matter the distance I want you to know that deep down inside of me that you are my fire, the one desire. So, I’m asking you now, am I your fire, your one desire? Yes I know, it’s too late for admission, but I want it that way and I don’t care who you are, where you from, what you did as long as you will love me and tell me that “I’ll be the one to hold you and make sure that you’ll be alright.”

However, no matter how hard I try to show you the shape of my heart, you are always ignoring my call because I can’t give you anything, except love because love is all I have to give. Then you hit me faster than a shark attack and I should have known that I would be another victim of your sexuality and that truth hit me straight through my heart, a single bullet got me, I can’t stop the bleeding.

Remember, you asked me to marry you and I said “yes, I will.” It was so last year actually because once we were lovers, just lovers we were; when we used to be dreamers just dreamers we were, you and I, so what happened now to your 10,000 promises? What a lie, now I see that your just somebody who wastes all my time and money because you keep on breaking my heart right, so I want to quit playing games with you and get another boyfriend coz its’ so dark and mysterious when the one you want doesn’t want you too, and I deserve so much better and somebody who will love me more than that.

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