Sometimes, Quitting is Winning

As the saying goes “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” However, there is an exception to this rule.

Sometimes, there are situations in life that the best way to win is to quit. For example, quitting a habit that is not doing good to your well being will make you a better person.

Giving up on a fight that you know is already a downhill battle or not worthy of the energy and effort, will give you peace of mind at the end.

Letting go of a toxic or abusive relationship and/or one-sided love will make you happy because you are opening your heart to accepting better relationships that will make you feel good.

Quitting a job that doesn’t meet your satisfaction, needs and expectations will give you better opportunities to go to and grow in the profession that you are really passionate about.

Quitting does not always mean losing, sometimes it’s a way of saving time and energy, that instead of being wasted on the things that do not really matter to you, you invest them on the things that will be beneficial to you.

Time is too fast, so use it wisely. Life is too short, so live it smartly. We don’t always stay young, so don’t exhaust it. Quitting on toxic and unworthy situations will not make you a loser, but a winner.

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