Parenting 101: About the children’s grades and manners

Dear Parents:

Before you worry about your children’s failing marks at school, be concerned about their failing manners. Their academic achievements do not necessarily foretell what will they be in the future, but their attitude does.

Some people who did well in the school, did not do good outside the academe because of bad habits; sometimes, those who did not have the highest school marks became more successful because of their good behavior. Remember, their grades are just numbers and letters, but their manners and attitudes form their personality. So before you invest to your children’s best education, invest to your children’s attitude. Discipline and train them to become good citizens who know how to respect people and who give good and fair treatment to everyone. Attitude building starts at home; good habits harness success.

Children’s bad marks at school do not always mean bad parenting, but kids’ bad manners and behavior reflect the kind of parent you are.

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