An Open Letter to Young Boys

Dear Boys,

When you become a man, I hope that you would become a gentleman because this particular specie of mankind is already endangered and is becoming close to extinction.

I wrote this letter for you to know that a true gentleman keeps his promise. There is no honor in breaking a promise. Don’t swear if you don’t mean it and never ever make a promise if you can’t keep it.

It’s very ungentleman if you keep a person waiting for you for hours. A minute is not an hour and an hour is not a half day. If you would be late in a meeting, advice it in advance. If you can’t make it, cancel the meeting in advance. Being late is no better than not coming, and not showing up without notice means that you have no word of honor. Losing your word of honor means losing the confidence of the people who trust you.

While most women today are crying for gender equality, it doesn’t mean that you would show no compassion towards the opposite sex. It is still a good sight to see a man giving up his seat for a lady who is standing in the bus or helping an old woman cross the street or taking care of little girls. When we say gender equality, we mean to have the same rights towards work, decision-making, problem-solving and not to be viewed as someone who is born to serve men. Gender equality means that women are getting the same respect that a man gives to his fellow. While emotional pain is inevitable, at least never double the pain by physically hurting us. A true gentleman never lands his fist on a woman (or never go on a fist fight to another man without a cause). If a lady says “no,” and fights back, it really means “no” so don’t try to assault her just to fulfill your needs, that is sexual harassment and rape. We are not sex objects and a toy that you could play and enjoy. Respect us the way you respect every single female member of your family.

Respect everyone regardless of his or her sexuality or their age. Calling a young boy a gay or insulting someone because of his/her sexuality does not make you a man. Taking interest of young girls or having a girl bride is pedophile. Taking away her innocence is depriving her of her childhood and taking away her beautiful future.

If you fathered a child, be a man enough to take the responsibilities. If you don’t end up with the mother, it’s fine, but never ever forget your duty to your child. Support the child’s needs financially and emotionally. One day, the child will grow up and will remember all the things you’ve done for him/her as a father.

You are the master of your mind. Take responsibility of your actions. Never blame others for your failure and never forget those who help you reach the top. Share your success to others and never forget where you are from.

Finally, I hope that you will be smart and live your life wisely. Never let anyone to bring you down or their opinions shape your future. You are unique for being what you are. You can always be better than what you are today. Never compare yourself to anyone. You have a life to live. Respect the people around you. Love those who care for you. Love God and love yourself.

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