Backstreet Boys: A Night to Remember

Growing up with their songs, I have been a fan of the Backstreet Boys since grade school and never miss a concert in the Philippines since college, so missing their concert in Dubai was so sad and yes I did miss it.

I should have bought a ticket upon learning that they were gonna have a concert, but I missed it- twice. Oh yes it was the Backstreet Boys and their concert tickets were sold out twice!

I was so upset, but thank God, I got the second opportunity to see them in person and upclose!

So when it was announced that they’re gonna have an after-party show at White Dubai, I bought the ticket to the show. I thought that I would watch it all alone, luckily my friend and colleague Hazel bought a ticket too and went and stayed up all night with me in Dubai for the BSB.

The show didn’t start right away until 2:30 AM, so we did a little bit of partying, but did not drink anything because we didn’t want to be f*cked up in the morning, which was a good decision actually because when the Boys finally showed up, we still have the energy and clear mind to get near to them. So how near? Oh well I could literally have shaken hands with Kevin and touched Brian’s pants.

So this was the closest thing I could ever have with the Backstreet Boys and it was all worth it- the long journey from Fujairah to Meydan Racecourse, the long wait for the boys to show up, the smoke and sweat, the pushing, everything- it was all worth it. Indeed, it was a memorable night because I witnessed the celebration of their 25th anniversary as the Backstreet Boys. So to my Boys, cheers for the another 25 years of love and music! Thank you for the music.

I may have missed the actual concert, but I have seen the BSB so upclose and I GOT A SELFIE WITH KEVIN RICHARDSON!

It was truly a night to remember, not just only because I have seen and have pictures with the Backstreet Boys, but because of the fact that I partied in one of the most popular clubs in Dubai, strolled along the empty roads of the city, rode the first trip at the Metro Station and the first bus going back to Fujairah- an experience that I will truly remember for the rest of my life.


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