Holiday at the Emirates National Auto Museum

Finally, after almost 7 months of not having a ‘long weekend,’ last week, I got a two-day off from work due to the Islamic Holiday.

Anyway, I took the opportunity to get out of Fujairah, breath some city air and visit long-time friends in Abu Dhabi…

If you are a car enthusiast and on a short holiday like me or coming from or on your way to Liwa, then a stop-over at the Emirates National Auto Museum is a must.

Located at 45 km away from the south of Abu Dhabi City, the pyramid-shaped museum is a home to more than 200 vintage cars, trucks, vans and military vehicles which all belong to HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahant.

For only 50AED, you will get to see a collection of the world’s super expensive vehicles dated from 1800s to early 2000s, the Rainbow colored Mercedes Benz collection, and the world’s largest Dodge Power Wagon truck…

The Guinness World Records holder as the largest motorised car is also an attraction for car lovers. The 4 to 1 Willy Jeep was manufactured by HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.

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