Trust- a five letter and seemingly a short word, but its impact on human lives is deep and infinite.

Trust is such a strong word. It encompasses all kinds of relationships in the world for a healthy and strong relationship is built on trust.

It is the source of hope. You cannot hope onto something or someone you don’t trust.

It is the foundation of love. You trust the people you love; you love them because you trust them. Like a foundation, if it’s weak or without it, everything will collapse, thus relationships will end. It is the most painful moment when trust is shattered.

A broken trust cuts so deep; it takes time to heal, and when it’s healed, it leaves a scar that cannot be erased like a permanent stain on a white cloth, the creases on a piece of paper or the cracks on a glass.

Trust, when it’s already broken, it cannot be put back to its original form. Some people live in doubt because their trust has been broken many times and it’s hard for them to trust again, so they would rather live in solitude than be with the people they could no longer trust.

Trust is like a precious mineral, but not as hard as a diamond for its breakable like a crystal. So when people trust you as much as possible, take care of it and never break it because a broken trust means a broken heart.

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