Emanuel Santos: The Heart of an Artist

Never underestimate the heart of an artist…

Recently, the infamous Christiano Ronaldo bust has gotten a makeover from the very same sculptor- Emanuel Santos. Critics believed that the makeover result was better than the first one and finally earned praises from them.

The original Ronaldo bust became a laughing stock last year as most of the people found it odd and didn’t have any resemblance to the football superstar, so Bleacher Report challenged the sculptor to do a makeover. Gladly, Santos has accepted it.

More than his artworks, I admire Santos for his bravery. He has faced the criticisms with dignity and showed his willingness to improve in his craft. Emanuel Santos may not be as talented as Michaelangelo, but his love for the gift that he is born with and his unwavering spirit will bring him to the top. I do believe that one day, he will be known in the world of sculptures.

“If it didn’t end up 100 percent like him, people have to understand that art is a way to express oneself that contains emotions; it’s not a precise science.” -Emanuel Santos, 2018 cited in standard.co.uk.

(Image from: standard.co.uk)

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