Dear human,

Imagine your life living just the way you are, embracing the fact that you are not perfect, but good enough to be accepted by those who appreciate your true worth regardless of your flaws… Think of it and you will be easy on yourself.

Imagine yourself living within your means, you may be lacking of grand things, but you are debt-free. Think of it and your mind will be at peace.

Imagine yourself not conforming with the so-called “social standards,” you may not get the approval of many, but you are becoming unique and one of a kind. Think of it and you will be loving yourself.

Imagine yourself pursuing your own dreams, you may not be following the steps of a somebody, but you are not living in the shadow of anyone. Think of it and you won’t feel any pressure.

Imagine yourself not listening to destructive criticisms, but only hear the constructive ones. Think of it and you’ll be on your way towards self-improvement.

Imagine yourself being surrounded by positive people, your friends maybe few, but you are with people who push you up and not down. Think of it and you will succeed.

Imagine yourself living without pretentions, you may gain some detractors, but you are living an honest life. Think of it and you will be true to yourself.

Imagine yourself being able to find happiness within you, you might find yourself doing things alone, but you are independent. Think of it and you will never be lonely again.

Being human is not hard… If you will only learn how to acknowledge your weaknesses and turn them into strengths, to be grateful for what you have and to love yourself.

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