Celibate and Proud

In the time when virginity is no longer a big deal and celibacy seems to be impossible, we choose to be the woman who doesn’t follow the norm.

While for many, premarital sex is just a common activity between two people, we choose to be one of those few who still believe in the sanctity of marital union.

For others, physical intimacy is a part of any relationship, but for us, intimacy is the reward of commitment.

We are not afraid to be in a relationship, but without commitment, it will be a waste of time, so we refuse to give ourselves to anyone without assurance.

Before we give in, we want assurance that that person is ready to commit to something serious that will last a long time, and perhaps will end in marriage.

We choose to be treated as a person rather than be treated as a sex object.

We choose love over lust.

We choose chastity.

Abstinence is not a state of mind implanted by any religion.

Celibacy is choice,

and we choose to be celibate until the right time comes.

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