Be Like…

Dear Woman,

Be like a piezoelectric generator, when people step on you, instead of shutting down, give light and shine bright.

Be like a lotus, when people pull you below, bloom out of the muddy pond.

Be like a rose, beautiful, but with thorns.

Be like an oasis, nourish the world with love and care.

Be like a Phoenix, rise from the ashes of broken dreams and fallen hopes.

Be like a cactus, stand strong and mighty amidst the desert heat.

Be like a sunrise, warming and soothing to the soul.

Be like a bird, spread your wings, fly high and reach for the sky.

Be like a protein, no matter how complicated the protein synthesis maybe, at the end of the process, there is a matching anticodon for every codon, if it doesn’t, it’s called mutation. 😂😉

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