Friendship Goals


We often see this hashtag on social media alongside with #squadgoals and photos of BFF’s activities that are done together.

Sometimes, when users see the “friendships goals” images (specially, the ones from female celebrities), they often imagine themselves doing the same thing like attending weddings (of each other), having a grand vacation together, extravagant birthday parties, baby showers, shopping, fine dining etc. and at least have tried some and put the #friendhsipgoals and #squadgoals hashtags. It is really good to look at those pictures if they are really genuinely taken, for when you look back at those pictures, they will make you smile at the memory. However, in reality, this is not always the case because usually, these friendship goals have become a medium of strutting and boasting the “awesomeness” and “coolness” of someone else’s group. Hence, the very essence of friendship becomes superficial and goals are just for showing off.

In my humble opinion, friendship goals have deeper meaning than the ones that we see on social media.

Friendship goals should be more than just aiming to be with friends during the bright and happy days, but staying with them during the dark and sad times.

It is not about the effort of planning and organizing that grand reunion, but the effort that we make (despite our busy schedules) to see our friends whom we haven’t seen in a very long time (even just for a minute).

It is not about the amount of money we spend to have that grand getaway together, but it is the amount of time that we spare for that small chat; a simple note, not just only on special occasions, but more on tough days.

It’s not about the expensive gifts, but it’s more on remembering each other and helping each other in times of need.

It is not about the good things that we tell to each other on (social) media, but the kind words we say “off-cam” and behind each other’s back.

Friendship goals are more than just doing the same things together and sharing the same interests; friendship goals are the celebration of each other’s individuality and the appreciation of each other’s personal differences.

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