10 Obvious Signs that He is not into you.

Know the signs. If they aren’t right, don’t be stupid, move on girl, he is not into you.

1. You are always the first one to call, send a message or start a conversation.
2. His replies on your SMS are literally short messages like “k” or emoticons, and most of the times, you’re on a “seen mode.”
3. He is not interested in what you do.
4. He does not make an effort to see you, you are always the first one to invite him to go out.
5. He goes out with you once in a super blue blood moon, and when he does, he doesn’t want to be seen in public with you.
6. He does not post your pictures together, and tells you not to tag him or not to post your photos with him on your own timeline.
7. He may introduce you to his friends only if he has no choice, but never introduces you to his family.
8. He only contacts you when he needs something from you.
9. He is not worried about you.
10. He is in love with someone else and only uses you for his convenience. ☹️


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