Kindness as Precious as Gemstones

So this morning, I was actually surprised to see this beautiful gift from Camille Vallon and Elisabeth Paradon of Ziio Jewels, an Italian jewelry brand made of precious stones, crystals, and silver.

Being a partner of Global Connection To Represent Companies (where I’m currently working), I have been in talks with Camille for a month to discuss the marketing of Ziio products in UAE. Last Monday, they arrived in the country to check the potentialities of Ziio Jewelry in the market, in which gold has been the favorite accessories of UAE residents.

I was not expecting that I would receive such generosity from the executives of Ziio. Yesterday, they arrived in our office, but I was not there to meet them because I already left. Their visit was a surprise, but looking for me to hand this gift was unexpected.

I am so thankful for their thoughtfulness. Maybe they haven’t realized it, but for me, this is a simple act of kindness that actually lifts my spirit.

Good things happen to those who do not expect anything. Just do what you have to do, as long as you are not stepping on others, and it will pay off eventually.

You reap what you sow. If you spread kindness, you will receive kindness, maybe not immediately, but you will receive it in unexpectedly.

Generosity is kindness and this kindness is as precious as gemstones- rare and priceless.

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