Love Does Not Hurt, Love Hurts…

“You are a liar and you’re a bitch!”

And he spat on my face.

I spat back.

He slapped me.

I slapped him back and spat on his face again and ran.


She threw things at me. Broke my belonging, tore my tax documents, bit the skin off of my chest, punched me in the eye, damaged my car.


When I was working in that hotel, I knew that guy as a very kind man, but I don’t know what happened to him. All of a sudden, he became abusive and started to hurt my cousin physically.


I slapped a girl once. She was my girlfriend then. She cheated on me and still too confident in what she has done.


We were at the beach that time, he and his friends were already drunk. I told him that I wanted to go home, but instead of taking me back home, he pushed me into his car and abused me… I thought my nightmare was over when he finished, but he told his friend to use me as well… I was abused by the man whom I entrusted my heart with.


Love… it feels good to love and be loved in return…. It is so good to be in love… to have somebody to hold, to laugh with, to cry with… but what if a once sweet love story has turned into a bitter ending? Ending a relationship is inevitably emotionally painful and mentally draining, but sometimes it can be physically traumatic.

The above accounts are just a few of those many stories of an abusive relationship. While arguments, in any form of relationships, cannot be avoided and are actually part of healthy ties, it does not mean that it has to be physical… to the point that the pain is inflicted to the body of the person that we confessed to love.

No one should allow anyone to injure them physically. While emotional hurt cannot be avoided, at least let’s not try to increase the agony by slapping, punching or doing something that could send our loved ones to the hospital, and worst, to their death.

Everyone should be against physical abuse. Everyone should make a stand and fight to stop violence in any relationship because love hurts no one.

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