Memento Mori

Memento mori, a Latin phrase which means “remember that you have to die” or “remember you must die,” or “remember you too will die.” It is a reminder that all of us will die… when the right time comes; a phrase that is being used as reflection about mortality and the transient nature of life.

Memento mori…

Memento mori…

Since the beginning of February, my Facebook timeline has been flooded with news of death of someone, but the news of an old mentor and a friend’s mom’s passing away have affected me the most because these people have touched my life in different times and circumstances.

Since January this year, my old mentor had been giving hints about taking his final rest for he was ill and suffering from diabetes. My friend’s mom had been sicked since last year. Though I knew about their health, I was still in hopes that one day, they would be better, so I was shocked and sad and cried in silence upon hearing the bad tidings.

Yet their deaths have brought me into reflecting on my own life. My old mentor had touched many lives when he was still alive; I was one of those who got the chance to have worked with him. My friend’s mom had been a good mother to her children, I was blessed enough to be taken care of by her when I was in Casablanca. Both of them have lived a good life and both of them have been and will always be remembered the good way…

Their passing away made me questioned myself, “Was I able to touch lives in my 31 years of existence?” “Have I been living a life with a thankful heart?” “Have I been completely happy?”

Sadly, the answer that I gave was “no.”

However, it’s not yet too late to change my way of thinking and life. I don’t know when I will die, but eventually, I am going to die as well. In fact, all of us will have our own demise. So I will live my life as if it is going to be my last day. I’m going to live a life that has been touching others. I’m going to live a life with a thankful heart. I’m going to be happy for happiness is a state of mind. So when the right time comes for me to die, I won’t regret every single day of my life here on Earth and I will face death like an old friend.

Life is too short. Be happy. Touch lives. Spread love. Live life.

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