Me Time

Sometimes, life is about simple things like a pack of sandwiches and a cup of hot French vanilla…

While I was on my way to Fujairah City Center, I was looking at the beautiful mountain side where the sun was setting, then a question suddenly popped in my head- “How long has it been since I went on a date with myself?” Long pause…. “It was last year, a long time ago already.”

Yes, it was last year… when I was on the road, traveling from city to city and enjoying the beauty of Morocco… that was so last year, but it was a great time.

When I was having an episode, a friend advised me to travel so that my mood would change. However, traveling is not possible at this time due to certain circumstances (like the fact that I’m working in the office already and I have no long vacation or two days off, and so many others like visa, money etc.).

During my depressive episode, though, sometimes I was in the company of friends, but most of the time, I was alone with so many negative thoughts in my head. Yes, I was alone, but I was not enjoying myself, instead, I was worrying about a lot of things, which were not really healthy.

So while I was on my way to Fujairah City Center to have a coffee-break (thanks to Tim Hortons’ coupons), I realized that I haven’t really had a time for myself or this thing that most people called “me time” for so many months now.

According to the infographic “Why ‘Me Time’ is so Important for Happiness,” having a time for ourselves reboots our brains, helps us unwind, improves our concentration, makes us more productive, gives space for self-discovery, allows time for deep thinking, aids in problem solving and enhances our relationships….

While I was sitting at Tim Hortons and enjoying a pack of sandwiches and a cup of hot French vanilla, with my headset on, I realized that life, sometimes, was as simple as this… a sandwich + a hot drink + good music= me time.

Life does not have to be complicated like what most grown-ups do. A rich person can spend a thousand dollars on luxury, but still feel empty, yet a beggar can spend a dollar for a cup of coffee and be the happiest human being in the world. Life is about simple things that make us appreciate our time being alone and being lost within ourselves like a pack of sandwiches and a cup of hot French vanilla….

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