No Woman– You cannot be conventional :: the time has arrived for You to shake off that sleep, to join in this *Dance of Life*.

no woman you cannot be conventional


No Woman– You can no longer lay in death with the Conventional… 

the evolution / eve-o-lution of human into >>> Being rests with You, can’t you feel it?  a sense of the creator Light within you struggling to be *Released

we see what happens when we are the way the heart breaks and Soul aches.  told to do this and expected to do that (and we follow never becoming our own creators of Life) Woman can be split apart and off into a thousand pieces by the time she is little more than 5 years old.

and each and every one of those shards feeling sharply within you pangs of being lost uninspired hurting for Joy and torn…

no woman you cannot be conventional


Oh! the heaviness that we experience– hard to express and so deep as to feel like an anchor of sorts

we know the weight of carrying around all those jagged shards of our person(s) the way our breath catches in tight constrained throats feeling as though life is choking us using our own sense of weaknesses, drowning slowly in the waters of our own doubts and disbeliefs.  we have felt we have heard we have touched and been touched by… great sorrows and travails of Soul.  never documented nor included in the (his)tory books.  the imagery of what we have suffered and the elations we have soared up and into, all of the growth and expansion of the Feminine >> so much honey for soothing the world kept under wraps, undercover under lock and (man- held) key of silence, deafness / dumbness

Enough time we have passed

remaining bound by the so-called conventional– by the conventions of a society we had not real part in forming, conventions used as the chains that kept us unmoving, uncertain of taking action in our lives.  so no Woman you can’t be that anymore!

why would you want to be?

the slow destruction of your heart no longer need be tolerated by your yielding / malleable way of allowing freedom to slip away from you

so now Woman–  you can rise up and shine bright.  shine through your cracks glisten and glow despite your misperceived shames.  to go deep inside your Expression of being Alive (is a *Blessing) of being human of being representative of the playful *Muse… the very Essence of Freedom is She who is Mysterious essential wise devastating Graceful flexible– she with powers that change uplift rearrange and bring much Soul-succor

All this you will find

while observing the strange happening of your Inner heart-space and as you ignite the Vision that you hold / entertain of your Self and then… you will start to create to form to invent that ideal of You, of your highest self that you hope to love with all your Being

sure, it is like building your Heaven now using the fire and the teeming mire of your heart mixed with the heights of your Imagination and the rumbling depths issuing from the pits of your Belly below.  all this coming out into your world through your very own two hands and your one brave heart.  infusing your old worldly / conventional activities with the brightness and Joy of your Passion-filled Acts of Intention

Soon with much quiet steely *awareness

the healthiest of acts for all involved will rise from your own self-knowing.  all will come to a bubbling head– your paying attention to your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and all those moments spent defining judging criticizing doubting who you call “me” –explodes into your mind.  finally you come to “see” all that has been floating inside of you all this time  you get to bring the lot of it under your close and exacting observations.  then life gives you the chance to work it out change it up formulate anew or just drop it all according to your needs…  the acts of Intention that will come knocking at your door at times of quiet will come softly.  life will conspire with you in order to put your newly found knowings of self into wise-perspective.

and what then, you wonder?  find out for yourself in your own world  >> instead of reaching out with the intellect and imagining what could be what might be our own Life can be / must be the test and proof positive of just what it is we are able to do and how what we do is necessary and needed in the world at large.  and in our own tiny universes in the detail and oh so fragile textile of the life we have each come to live and lead





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