Note to God

Dear God,

The life that You give me here on Earth is not easy. In fact, from the day that I have been born up to this moment, I am having a hard time….

My mom once told me that she had a difficulty in giving birth to me; I was supposed to come out on the 25th day of September, yet after hours of painful labor, finally, I came out at past 12 midnight, so I was registered to be born on September 26. However, thank You for giving me a strong mother who has chosen to deliver me in this world, no matter how agonizing it was to do. If she was not my mother, perhaps I would not be here. Thank You because without her, I won’t be as sturdy as I am today.

Although my father was a police officer, his rank was not enough to make our family rich, but he retired from the service with honor and dignity. So thank You for blessing me with a father who is honest and has never been a corrupt police officer in the entire length of his service, I may have not inherit any wealth, but I have gotten my honor and dignity from him, not to mention that he is the bravest man I have ever known, hence it is no wonder why I have become so courageous and adventurous like I am now.

I did not grow up in a wealthy household, so all throughout my childhood I lived in a frugal life and not in luxury. Looking back, my siblings and I used to go to our neighbor’s house just to watch our favorite TV programs, so when my father could already afford to buy us a new TV set, I learned to value the things that my parents have worked hard for. You did not give me wealthy parents, but You blessed me with the hardworking ones, so because of them, I learned to be thrifty so I could live just within my means and not a luxurious life outside my financial capacity. Thank You for blessing me with diligent parents, I learn to work decently with determination in order to achieve my dreams.

I was neither at the top of the class nor an honor student. When I was in elementary, the teachers knew me because my sister was famous in our school, so the expectation to do great was there, but I decided not to live in the shadow of my sister or to anyone’s. When I was in high school, I spent two years in the cream section and another two years in the lower section. At first, I was having a hard time adjusting myself from being with the so-called “well-behaved” students to being with the soi-dissant “rowdy” teens. However, I learned to become flexible not only in the social aspect, but in the general aspect of life. When I was in college, there were few times when I was able to bag recognitions, but most of the time I was just an ordinary college student trying to fit in the academic world. Nevertheless, I have learned that life is not like the way I have imagined it. Sometimes, I have to be on the top and sometimes, I have to go down. When I was in the graduate school, I realized the true meaning of effort and perseverance, that in order for me to get my diploma, I needed to finish my thesis, and so I did. Hence, I discovered that the sweetest fruit of all was the one that came from my own sweat and blood. I may have not graduated with accolades from the most prestigious schools in the world, but thank You for giving me not only my diplomas, but for giving me the education that I need to succeed in life.

I did not have the most romantic and heart-pumping love life like the others. In fact, I always found myself heartbroken. My first love rejected me. The last guy that I loved (as of writing) left me for another girl. I had fallen in love many times, and in those times, my heart was shattered. I had been in relationships, but none of them lasted even half a year, yet I was glad that they did not last. Many times, I prayed for a particular guy, but Your answer was always “no.” Honestly, I was so hurt, every time You did that, but finally, I understood Your cause. You did not want me to have a disastrous life with a wrong guy. So now, thank You for not giving me any of them; I have learned to be patient and wait for the right man from You.

In the career department, I did not have that kind of work life that I wished to have. Most of the jobs that I had in the past were a complete struggle- from the workplace, to the workload, to the compensation. I had so many jobs in the past, yet none of them gave me a contentment that could last longer. I was always looking for more. Then I became jobless. For the first time in my life, I was scared and confused. I was so downgraded. However, thank You for putting me in a tough situation like that because I have learned not to trust in my own capabilities, but to put my faith in You. Thank You for blessing me with the opportunity to grow and be honed in different fields. Thank You because even if I was unemployed, You did not allow me to beg for money or be homeless. Lastly, thank You for blessing me with a job that will allow me to grow professionally in two different fields at the same time.

Finally, growing up, I was always insecure because You did not give me a face that could launch a thousand ships and a body to die for, but You gave me the courage to accept the beauty that comes from within. Thank You for allowing me to hate myself because little by little, I have learned to love my being and embrace the real me regardless of what I look or how I appear in the eyes of everyone. I have learned to accept my flaws and improve myself not for the benefit of anybody, but for my own sake. I have learned to defy society’s standard of beauty. Thank You because You did not make me the most beautiful woman in the universe, but You turned me into a wonderful woman, in my own right, that I am now today.

Dear God, You may have given me a hard life, but I am still thankful because these sufferings are blessings. For without these struggles, I would not be where I am today. Thank You for blessing me with an amazing and meaningful life. So here’s my note to You for another 31 years of my adventures here on Earth. Thank You.



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