A Cup in Hand

“A cup in hand, you know it’s worth your while,
A cup in hand, let’s sit and stay for a while,
Let minutes turn into moment,
Let’s sit, let’s talk,
One moment, one Nescafe.”

I’m not sure if anyone can still remember this catchy tune and lyrics from a Nescafe TV commercial in the Philippines, but the song has been varied since its release in early 2000. There’s even a reggae version of it (sorry I couldn’t find the original one, click the video above to play). Although the lyrics and tune has been changing a little since then, the meaning of the song is still the same all along.


The message of the commercial is simple- it encourages us to build and maintain good relationships through small/pep talk, and what is the best way to do it? Of course with a cup of coffee or tea (and for some it’s with a glass of beer or wine). However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to be in Starbucks or in Tim Horton’s or at the top of Burj Khalifa to have a sit down moment with someone, it could be anywhere. It could be in the salon, in the veranda, in the garden or on the rooftop. As long we’re having a good time with our family, relatives, friends, love ones, colleagues or even housemates, that is the most important thing.

It is the time that we spare just to have this rare moment with the people that we love and care. The moment that we shut our cellphones down and stay away from social media for a while so we could listen to our friend’s story or to our mom/dad’s counsel or to our better half’s plans is more valuable than the price of the beverage that we are drinking or the coziness of the place where we are sitting.

Ternate Cavite3

It’s not the place nor the kind of drinks that matters the most, it is the amount of time we spend together, the moments we make together, the laughter and (sometimes) the tears, the advice we hear, the story we share or simply just being together. These are the memories that are imprinted in our minds for as long as we live. Sometimes, this is just what we need- simple things that make us smile, that encourage us to continue living, that help us see the beautiful side of life and make us appreciate that sometimes, it is the simple thing that matters.

Sometimes, these are all that we need:


A cup in hand, a ray of sunshine, vitamin sea and a good company.

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