Good Riddance

After the spring break, he left me. I tried to fight back. I improved myself to show him that it was his lost leaving me, but it was a futile battle. After a month, I almost lost my job. However, a few days before summer vacation, I was given a second chance at work- on a condition to process all my documents or else, I would completely be laid off. It was risky, but I gambled…

I met him for the last time before my flight. I had never seen him so happy before the way he was that night. He was really in loved. I was holding back my tears when I said goodbye to him. I did not want him to see me crying. I did not want to look pitiful, not in front of him at least. However, as soon as I entered the house and closed the gate, my tears fell down. Then, I promised to myself that this would be the last and he would be the last.

The summer was over and I had a great time. After my vacation, I went back to work and then all of sudden, the HR officers told me that they were cutting ties with me. I was a bit shocked as I was in the process of getting my papers fixed. I tried to explain it to them, but they would not listen to reasons anymore. I was controlling myself and then I walked out. I was upset thinking about the cost of the processing of my papers, but I vowed that this would be the last and they would be the last. So I accepted my fate just like that. Good riddance.

The next day, I found out that that boy and that girl have already broken up. I was feeling mixed emotion. I knew all along that it would come and after a few months of being inseparable, it happened eventually. I wanted to celebrate, but I could not. I could feel him. I could feel her. It would not be easy for them to move on from one another as it was hard for me to move on from him. I wanted to call him and comfort him, but I did not dare for I made a promise to myself. So I just left it like that. Good riddance.

With all the heartaches and distress that I have been through, I learned to love myself more. It is the love for me that allows me to let go of those who do not value me, who do not care for me. I may sound self-centered, but “that” will be the last. I will not allow anyone or anything to hurt me again. Good riddance.

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