Life is not easy. It is full of challenges. It is either ugly or aesthetic, but it is always a matter of perspective.

Sometimes, a “no” for an answer does not always mean defeat.

Sometimes, being defeated does not always mean being a loser.

Sometimes, losing something means gaining more.

Sometimes, a negative situation also means an opportunity to grow.

Sometimes, a goodbye is not an ending, but a beginning.

Being different is not odd, it means uniqueness.

An oasis is only found in the desert.

A lotus flower does not bloom on a fertile land, but on a muddy pond.

Confusion does not always mean destruction for there is order out of chaos.

A person who falls in love easily is a fool, but a person who does not love at all is cruel.

A man who does not hit a woman is a gentleman, but he who controls his anger towards a fellow man is an extraordinary gentleman.

A physically beautiful woman can be found anywhere, but she who has been purified by fire is rare and the most beautiful of all.

I may have lost everything- my job at school, the man that I loved, but not my dignity.

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