La Cuisine Marocaine


While I was in Morocco, I had an opportunity to spend some days of my vacation with a Moroccan family, not only once, but three times. The first one was in Casablanca; the second time was in Agadir and finally, was in Rabat.

I really love Moroccan hospitality mainly because it resembles the Filipino treatment towards visitors and guests. Aside from this, Moroccans, just like Filipinos, love to eat, so if you are going to visit Morocco, be sure to try these eye-catching, tasty dishes, which are served if you’re a guest in a Moroccan family or you can actually order them in any restaurants.


vegetable couscous

Couscous is my most favorite Moroccan dish. It’s a Berber dish made with tiny granules of durum wheat with vegetables and/ meat stew. It is so delicious. The wheat is soft and easy to swallow and the sauce is made of different spices, which adds a mouthwatering flavor. According to my source, traditionally, families in Morocco eat couscous every Friday as a form of family bonding after prayer (Friday is an important day in Islam), and thus, calling this special day as “couscous Friday.” It is usually served in a large plate where people gather around to eat their portion. While it is mostly available every Friday, in some restaurants, you can actually order couscous in any other day, and if you are lucky enough to visit the Royal Palace in Rabat on Friday, according to my source, visitors would likely get couscous for free.



Chicken Tajine

Next to couscous, tajine is my second favorite Moroccan dish. It can be a stew of meat, chicken or fish with fruits and vegetables that add the flavor. Cooking tajine seems to be easy; all you have to do is to put all the ingredients in a tajine pot and let it simmer in low fire and wait until the meat is already tender (that is according to my friend’s sister). Anyway,  tajine also serves as a delicious dip to a bread, so it is always served with a bread.


Seffa Medfouna au poulet (Moroccan Chicken Vermicelli)


Another favorite dish of mine is the seffa medfouna. A Moroccan dish made with steamed vermicelli, chicken, raisins, butter, powdered sugar and cinnamon. As a part of Moroccan tradition, it is served in a single plate and diners devour it just like eating couscous. For me, it is best to add sugar on the noodles while eating the chicken to have that sweet and salty taste.


Traditional Moroccan Salad Plate


When I came with my friend to visit her in-laws, my hostess presented this gorgeous Moroccan salad plate which consisted of rice and tuna, green beans and peas, potatoes, carrots, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms and eggs. As part of their culture, this salad plate is served as a starting course for guests and/or during special occasions. As a piece of advice, be sure to have a lot of spaces in your stomach as after this, the main dish and desserts will surely follow.

In addition to my Moroccan cuisine experience, my friend’s family in Agadir, served these hearty meals during our picnic at Mirleft Beach. While I was staying at my friends’ homes, it’s either their moms or sisters would always prepare the meals for the family. Also, one thing I like about Morocco is that the women are great chefs, even the younger ones know how to cook already.  Honestly, I miss mama’s and sister’s (in Casablanca, Agadir and Rabat) cooking. I hope that one day, I’ll have the opportunity to visit them again. Inshallah.

Chicken barbecue, Moroccan salad and fresh fruits and juice.


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