A Strong Woman

A strong woman is sound. She is rational and has a good judgement. Her intelligence does not merely come from the book, but by her experience in life. Though she has sorrows, she does not allow these things to overshadow her future. She learns from her struggles. She may have depression, but she knows how to overcome it. She does not allow herself to be consumed by her dark thoughts. She can control her mind, hence, she controls her life.

A strong woman is independent. She buys her stuff and does her own things. She is a free thinker; her point of view is not formed by the opinion of others, but she knows how to listen to them as well. She may consult the counsel of the wise, but she makes her own decisions and takes responsibility for the outcome.

A strong woman is responsible. Whether it is at work or at home, she is reliable for whatever she does. She takes care of her mistakes and blames neither anyone nor herself for her errors because she acknowledges that she is not perfect. She views that every failure is an opportunity to grow and learn.

A strong woman is innovative. She reinvents herself through learning. She understands that experience is her best teacher, that the world is her school, and that everything and every person around her will either give her a lesson or lead her to triumph.

A strong woman chooses her destiny. While she knows that events might go beyond her control, she is still the captain of her ship. She stirs the wheel of her life towards her dreams. She makes her own path and walks on it. She may be lost or may wander a little bit, but she can always pull back. She does not linger on the wrong way for she knows that staying on it means a delay towards success.

A strong woman is not afraid to be alone. She is brave enough to go on a solo journey whether it is on a countryside or in life, yet she also knows how to enjoy the company of other people for she understands that no one is an island. She agrees that at some point, she may need a partner in life, but she does not fall into desperation of finding the right one. She takes her time before deciding to settle down because she knows that she deserves nothing but the best.

A strong woman is humble. She may take pride for her independence, but she also knows that sometimes she needs help and that asking for it will not wound her ego because she is down to earth after all. She knows very well when to set aside her pride and when to boost up her self-respect.

A strong woman is happy. She laughs on good times and smiles at her sorrow. She may fret a little, but she can joke on her unlikely situation, then finds a way out. She can find happiness on simple things, yet she is not materialistic because she understand the ephemeral nature of life. She is not hard to please.

A strong woman also cries. Despite her toughness outside, she is still a woman and by nature, a woman has a soft heart. She whimpers when the pain is too much to bear, yet she also cries because of overjoy. She allows her tears to fall because it is good for her heart and it cleans her mind and soul, and then she bounces back. When she falls, she accepts it with dignity and gathers herself to stand up again.

A strong woman never gives up. She has a goal and she works towards achieving it. When she fails, she modifies her plans, improves her self and does the job until she gets what she wants. However, she knows when a fight is a downhill battle, so she understands when it is already time to throw the white flag and accept defeat graciously.

A strong woman is kind. She maybe living a carefree life; she may appear like an untamed tigress, but even if she is a wild woman, her heart is full of goodness for everyone. She cares for the people she loves, yet she let goes of those who don’t value her for she is not only kind to other people, but most of all, she is gentle to herself.

A strong woman does not need to have a superhuman strength to be considered as tough. She maybe physically fit or she may have physical disabilities, but it is her character that describes how strong she is.

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