Like the ruins

People around may break us for a time being. They may try to shatter us into pieces, but as long as we know how to stand firmly on the ground, we will not collapse. Just like these ruins, no one could tell how much storm they have weathered or how many wars they have won; they may have lost some of its part, but some pillars remain standing until now. This is the most important. As long as there are remnants, the city will not obliterate completely.

The Roman Ruins of Volubilis in Morocco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site


We are like these ruins, we may have been broken, we may have a missing piece of our body and/or of our life. We may never feel complete at all, but if we believe in ourselves, if we have faith in God (or whatever super natural being you believe), no matter how difficult this life can be, the important piece, which is our self, will never fall down. We will stay, standing tall and strong amidst any war or storm.

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