Traveling Without a Purpose

at La Muralla de la Medina in Tetuan, Morocco

So while I was eating in Morocco, I asked myself what was my purpose of traveling. I tried to find the answer in the calmness of my thoughts, but I couldn’t fathom the answer to this simple question. It was funny because whenever people asked me why I was traveling, it seemed that I could give them reasons so easily. I could give them the common answers such as “to change perspectives, to expand horizons, to be independent, to learn new things, to relax, to meet new people and make new friends,” but I realized that these were just the perks of traveling.


at the top of Moulay Idris, Morocco

My real purpose of traveling is still unknown to me. I don’t know with other people; this may sound shallow to them, but all I know is that I AM HAPPY. The joy that I feel whenever I am on board and going to a new destination is unexplainable. The thought of being in a strange land excites me. The smell of adventure warms my blood. I can always feel the adrenaline rush whenever I am off to somewhere. Although sometimes, I get tired, but this doesn’t stop me from embarking to a journey. Perhaps, I will keep on going and I will not stop until I find a reason not to leave for a new place.

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