Destroy Mankind or Save the Planet?

We are in the time in which the majority of the people are struggling for popularity and power. The world leaders, the celebrities, the high-profiles and even the commoners are joining the battle of supremacy in all forms, which is slowly destroying mankind and humanity, but only few are concerned about what is happening on our planet, which is already in the state of destruction.

Liham Para sa mga Kabataang Filipino

Kabataan, minsan din akong naging teenager kagaya mo. Minsan din akong nakipagdebate para sa mga politiko na pinaniniwalaan ko. Minsan din akong naniwala na magkakaroon ng pagbabago sa Pilipinas kung si Poncio Pilato ang mamumuno. Ngunit sa paglipas ng panahon, marami nang Poncio Pilato ang namuno, ngunit ang inaasahang lubos na pagbabago at pag-unlad ay hindi pa rin nakakamit hanggang ngayon.

The Best Prize of Being a Teacher

Marjay and Sophia’s messages gave me the strength to keep fighting for my dreams, to never stop believing in myself and to continue inspiring others. Receiving a gift from students on special occasions is an ordinary thing, but getting a heartfelt message from them is something. Heartwarming messages from students, specially the former ones, are the best gift that a teacher could ever received from having this profession.

False Accusations

Being falsely accused is one of the worst and most frustrated feelings in the world, not because you feel guilty of doing something, but because of that fact that there are people around you who will make you feel guilty of something you did not do…

2018: A Year of Self-Discovery

Today is January 1, 2019. As the day marks page 1 of 365, I purposely take this opportunity to look back at the past as I want to make this day to do self-check and realize who are the people and which situations that I need to leave alongside the year that has already passed. Hence, I put into summary all the things- good or bad, that happened in 2018.

Miss Universe 2018 in the World Full of Hatred

This whole week, my Facebook timeline has been flooded by viral news-both trending in the Philippines and worldwide. The first one was all about the Miss Universe 2018 and the other one was about school bullying. In this first part of my post, I wrote my opinion about the recently concluded prestigious beauty pageant. My thoughts about school bullying would be featured on my next blog.